2D Exercise Q.no1 (picture1)

Sir, how can I draw the semi circle in the isometric drawing.

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  1. Do one of the following:
  • On the status bar, click Find.
  • At the Command prompt, enter ISODRAFT.
  1. Choose which isoplane orientation that you want to use: Left, Right, or Top.
  • Press F5 or Ctrl+E to cycle through the different isoplanes (recommended)
  • On the status bar, Isodraft button, click the dropdown arrow and choose an option
  • At the Isodraft prompt in the Command window, enter an option
  1. At the Command prompt, enter ELLIPSE.
  2. At prompt, enter i (Isocircle).The Isocircle option is available only when an isometric drawing plane is active.
  3. Specify the center of the isocircle.
  4. Specify the radius or diameter of the isocircle.

Note: The status bar icon changes depending on the current isoplane.

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