A question to nidhi mam

mam [nidhi] its your nickname ? cause i saw your many videos on youtube
channel called speak english with aishwarya…


please aad colouring course in blender

What do I consider my big achievement when I fresher please tell me

Your voice is very nice and you have a good voice


lect the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given
sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select ‘No substitution required’.

Q. During the winter months the bears go without food by nearly six to seven months.

Nidhi ma’am he question samaj nahi aaya

My maile id is :vvaidu41@gmail.com

Why “Get Out” is a Exclamatory sentence and Why we cannot use it as imperative sentences?

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what is the difference between regular and irregular sentences?

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यह सब ही क्यूं तुम्हे दिखता है?
Why all this is seen to you?
Why do you see all this?
Kaise banaye aur konsa sahi hai?

तुम्हारा यह करना अच्छा होगा।
Isse kaise banaye mam plz tell me.

Best app and awesome learning skills .Nidhi mam learning skills so good . Thank you learn Vearn team.

Madam can you send me English song not layertic and two same news please

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what is correct form :

  1. A) how did you find this pen?
    B) how did you found this pen?

  2. A) did you find this pen?
    B) did you found this pen?

Question- agar question se auxiliary verb bana ho to kya main verb ka 1st form aayega aur same agar WH se bana ho to ?

ma’am , i have some doubt about the using of 'has had ’ and ‘had had’ please help me ma’am so that i can easily understand about exact means of this .thank you ma’am ,i will waiting for your message

What is the answer of the same?

mam preposition ki practice kaise kare

mam, mai english ka hindi nahi kar pata jise mai english nahi bol pa raha hu

Hello mam my spoken english is very poor

Suffex is very important language I am practicing the suffex and preffex language I am not understand the article