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Ye types of programming language nahi samjh aya please help me dubara bataye

Mera code run NAHI kar raha hai plz help me

terminal mai dekh bhai aapne output mai chalaa rakhaa hai

#include int main(){ printf(“Hello C Language”); return 0; }
ye question quiz mein thaa please btaein ismein hello c language kyun output dega ismein to error aana chahiye because <stdio.h> nhi hai ismein

file save with extention (.cpp) before run the code…

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this pron=blem having in my first program please give solution

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1.wt is the diff b/w identifier and variables ? 2.and keywords and constants?

When i m running this code …nothing is happening. And when i try to run another program…it’s showing code is already running… what is the error in this program

vs ko thik se setup kar with c compiler

Same issue is going here with me.

First download the extension file

there are 4 types of language in programming
1 procedural programming - in which you will get well structured steps within its programming context to compose or to do programming
2 object oriented programming - suppose we have given a a characteristics of car like its color and year in which its manufactured
now we have to represent it again in the programming or you can say on screen so we will use characteristics , for every new car we will use the context we will just change the characteristics
3 logical programming - its all about logics and facts about the problems within the system will used to expressed or represented

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same problem i am facing
I have already downloaded the extension

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Hello sir
Mobile me koi application h kya jis se code run ya practice ki ja sake ya koi url .

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मोबाईल के लिये ऍप्प हैं coding c नाम कि
आप play store पर देख सकते हैं

Lernvern पे progress ठीक से शो नही कर राहा

my laptop not show the run option

you have to download the extensions and then you have to click on the trust option you will get after downloading extensions

Mera bhi same problem hey

kya karein