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Sir which operating system is best for hacking

Kali is the best Linux distribution for hacking because that have already preinstalled hacking tools are available.

Hello sir
How to hack android by using termux

Hlo sir i am tanish this message for Sandeep Tiwari sir ji i hope all teachers are good , sandeep sir ji please help us please give me your personal no ya aap mere no. Pe bhi message kr dijiye -7827413931 please sir ji help us :pray:t2:

Termux Ka old version hai aapke pass tum mujhe de dijiye ga ya phir
Jo aapke mobile per ran ho raha ho Vahi de dena

Bhai Terminus Agar aapke Android mein chal raha ho to mujhe bhi send kar dena my mobile number 6265556134