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मेने गूगल एड्स अकाउंट बनाया था में कॉल कैंपेन चलाता हूँ लेकिन मुझे प्रॉब्लम ये आ रही है की इम्प्रैशन तो बहुत आ रहे है गूगल एड्स में क्लिक भी बहुत कम आ रहे है इसका क्या हल है

As you have shared that decide your loss, that how much you can bear your loss. but I have a doubt that, at the time loss, selling shares isn’t a good choice. So, do we have to sell shares in unfavorable conditions or not?

Sir Intraday mea less 5x share price main hum share buy kar sakta haa so profit and loss both Huma 5x main he Pay and Earn karta haa kya?

Sharekhan main trading karna Beneficial haa kya

Long-term & Intraday mea hum Kitna share at time buy kar sakta haa

And last Joo brokers hota haa wooo Huma Trading mea portfolios Bhana main help karta haa kya

Sir I am unable to watch you technical analysis video in my phone

Please upload advanced technical analysis.