About Website Speed And Quality

Sir, You Told Us If We Use High Quality Images in website then it’s causes for slower website speed
But you have also say that Quality Images are important in UI/UX and you have Given Apple example as well then we’re counfused how can we use high quality Content In UI/UX without affecting to the speed of a site ( and also Plz told us we know that Apple also Used High Quality Images,UI/UX In Their website however they Have Good Website Speed how’s possible ?? And what exactly do and how don’t know ???

  1. Keep images of different sizes for major screen sizes ( media query)

  2. use of media query will determine which size image to be available in which device (i.e. you can use the technique of retina view for apple product screen to deliver 2x, 4x etc images and normal images for android or desktop)

  3. reduce unnecessary HTTP request for images or files for better speed performance of website

  4. For small images use the technique of image-sprite

  5. do not use necessary image if that can be achieved by CSS (i.e. for circle use CSS rather than circle image)

  6. Before uploading optimize images for low memory size ( many online or tools are available)