Blender modeling

Sir after shading the Cup and bottle you didn’t give the texture to the table and wall and in lighting section you started the video with textured table and wall please reply how you gave the texture to table and wall after shading bottle and cup please reply sir

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Thank you for pointing out this issue we have updated the video. It will include texturing part of the table and wall as well.

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Thank you sir for solving this problem :heart::innocent:

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Sir, I want to say that if I make a character with an image of a person or an image of a game.

Creating basic scene Animation (rendering and compositing lecture):- sir first time jab apne render kiya to sequencer me Animation kharab ho gaya tha. Second time jab apne render kiya to frames sahi the but sir kya apne phir usse video sequencer me daal ke Animation ko render nahi kiye ?
Aur sir compositing ke baad last me jab final render kiye aap to lecture ki video blur ho gai aur aap last render kese complete kiye wo nahi dikha please sir atleast final render apne kese complete Kiya itna video me Clear/edit kar do kyu ki waha per video blur ho gai thi

Sir we were on coffee bean Animation but here you take another image of balls in (composition in rigid body Animation) please reply sir :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

you can take any reference, it doesn’t matter.
while modeling it, you must have the character’s right, left, and front faces. so that you can model it.
but it would just be waste of time, you can use kentools face builder addon to model it to model a face.
and then you can focus your time in detailing it. like hairs, scars, pores etc.
*always avoid wasting unnecessary time for modelling, look for addons if they can help you use them