Check my code and plz solve my program error

Do you know why <conio.h> is used ?
You are not using DOS like interface for input/output operation there so no need <conio.h>
Thus remove line 2

#include <conio.h>

another mistake is %d without " "

printf("%d", result);

Don’t use #include<conio.h> because you Are not using DOS Like Console.
Another Mistake is printf("%d",result); instead of printf(%d,result);

Hi there.I will recommend you to initialize
int result=0;
then you can assign value to it by using mathematical operators.
Don’t use unnecessary conio.h header file.
Write printf statement as
Keep coding!!!.

int main()
int num1 , num2 , result;
printf(“Enter two numbers: “);
result = num1 + num2;
printf(“Sum of Two numbers = %d”,result);

Write scanf instead of sacnf.