Code is not run.

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Bro where is your block of main
Do uhh know without main block how it understand that it’s the block for main.
The right programme is :
Int x,y;
Printf (" enter two numbers");
Scanf(""%d%d",address of x ,address of y);
Printf(“result is %d”,z);
Return 0;
Block is that what you write in curly bracket for a function.
By the way your full program is right . The only thing that the bracket was absent.

mera vi run nhi ho rha h

mera vi run nhi ho rha h

Bhai curly bracket laga diya phir bhi nahi ho raha

code terminal mey run hotha hai output mey nahi, agar nahi huva tho send screenshot to me

Bhai ek baar mjhe bhej code