Creating data frame for a Call Centre

Consider a scenario where CALL CENTER data needs to be stored, having following
attributes: [Caller Phone Number, Caller Name, Caller Location and Call Duration]
Create the appropriate data structure to save the required data. Call center got five calls where:
• 1st Caller Name is ANIKET, talking from Delhi, his phone is 9041 and had called for 9
• 2nd Caller is from Chandigarh calling from 9888 number for 15 mins and telling her name
• 3rd Caller is also from DELHI and was talking for continuous 30 mins, his registered
mobile number and name is 9646 and RAMAN respectively.
• 4th Caller mentioned himself as RAJNIKANT and explained his problem in 20secs from
7777 number from AP
• 5th Caller drops his call just after calling his number saved as 8899.
After 10 mins 3rd Caller again calls and gets his name rectified as DAMAN.
Team leader found problem in accessing data so he had given a requirement of saving Every Caller
data with number as CALLER1, CALLER2, CALLER3, CALLER4 and CALLER5 without
making it as an attribute.

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