Doubt in pronunciation

Hello good evening mam,
I am kratik paliwal .
i have doubt in two words pronunciation that is,
“physics and doubt”
In physics why we speak this letters phy…in phsycology , PH is silent why not in physics


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Physics is not an example of a word with a silent letter. “ph” cannot be separated hence it cannot be considered silent, it’s the orthography of the sound equivalent to “f” in English, usually for certain words of Greek origin.

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Yeah ! I Get it … :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks to you Learn vern team for always supporting .

Greetings mam.
”इदर" or “आईदर”. Nidhi madam pronounciation was “आईदर”?

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mam i do not understand asking information

Prefix kha use hota h
Subject, object ya other.
Please explain…