Explanations are not easy

I started complete PHP tutorial and Its not a good tutoring. For example. in the first lecture the tutor is using words like webserver, framworks, database but does not explain what does that mean or what are they? What is a framework? what is a database?what do they do ? why are they important etc. no explanation at all.
He is giving example of we have to define variable before hand in the first lecture itself but whats a variable what is he talking about??? no explanation at all

I find this kind of tutoring very amateurish as they have not planned what they will talk and how they will plan ahead? its frustrating.

Yes, dear, I understand your problem you are right, but it happened because of speaker things or accept that if you are learning something related to computer or coding language for this you should already know about basic of these things like Name server, domain, my SQL, database, framework, web server, etc.
you need to learn these things yourself after taking online classes, while taking online classes try to make notes and after class research about that.

if the speaker or online teacher going to explain every word or topic then videos become very long and other students don’t like it.

I guess thats your point of view. This is exactly the difference between good programming and bad programming both will provide the same results but when you look at the coding you will see good coding is easy to understand, easy to read , clean and tidy and bad programming will be like yours tutoring which is hard to understand, very messy, not tidy at all. Probaby look around codeacademy, datacamp etc . They teach it much better. You can not assume people will know stuff as then people wont be on your site .