Facing Fumble Problem

Ma’am when i try to speak in English I always face a fumble problem can u help me to improve it

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If you’re fumbling, there are two things happening, one is that you are nervous and the second is that the words are not coming to your mind as quickly as you want to say them because you think in your own language .

To overcome your problem here we are sharing a few tips:

  1. “Practice” a lot. At home, practice out loud whenever you can, in front of a mirror, and record your voice then review it.
  2. Try to expand your vocabulary a little every day by reading books , newspapers, or articles.
  3. Try to interact with someone either better at English than you or it can be your friends also, because if they can instruct you, they can help you to improve your skill.
  4. Take a pause, do not haste, and be confident try to shift your concentration to the information that you want to deliver.

Keep learning.

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I want a person who has good English and talk to me and correctify my mistakes in english speaking, is there anyone

MY help me any job I am not work I have study plus job