Formatting Table

Table create karne ke baad usme auto formula insert nahi ho raha hai, please btaye ki kya karne ki jarurat hai.

Hello there,
Please make sure that the in FORMULAS-> CALCULATION OPTIONS-> AUTOMATIC option is selected for your workbook.


There are some common mistakes that happen while creating formulas that can be resolve by following the below steps.
such as

  1. Match all opening and closing parentheses in a formula.
  2. Enter all required arguments in an Excel function.
  3. Don’t enclose numbers in double quotes
  4. Enter numbers without any formatting
  5. Make sure numbers are not formatted as text values
  6. Separate function arguments with a proper character
  7. Enclose workbook and worksheet names in single quotes
  8. Include the full path to a closed workbook

Hope this might help you on your learning journey. Keep learning.