Function object

I am unable to understand function oject and call function

call function ka mtlb hua for example aap 3 dost h or aap k ek dost(A) k pass ek box biscuit ka h or aap 3no dost 20(aap) 20(dost B) m k duri m baite hue ho or bacho ko biscuit de rahe ho to jb v koe bacha aap k pass ata h to aap apne dost (A) ko1 packet biscuit ka dene ko bol rhe ho taki aap us bache ko de sake, same aap ki dusri dost v A(dost) ko bolti h

function dostA(){ biscuit box};// biscuit yaha pr statements h
aap= call. dostA() // aap ne dost A ko aawj laga k us k pass se biscuit dene ko bola
dostB= call. dostA()// Dost B ne v dost A se biscuit dene ko kaha

mtln ki jb v koe bacha ya aap ko biscuit ki jarurat pad ri h aap dost A ko call kr k biscuit dene ko bol ri h
i hope u get my point that what i want to say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: