How to engrave logo in Solidworks

Sir please guide how to engrave logo on product in Solidworks software.

Hello @me.ershamsuddin7786

If you don’t have DXF or some other kind of actual geometry of the logo that Solidworks can use for the cut, you’ll have to find out where to get it (some companies have this kind of geometry on hand) or create it yourself. The process is simple and the difficulty will depend on the complexity of the logo.

Here is an example of a joke warning icon I made using this process which really only amounts to inserting a ‘sketch picture’ and using the picture as a guide to trace your sketched geometry on top of. This example actually uses 2 sketch pictures, one for the triangle icon background and the other for the Maxell guy in the chair.

Once you have the geometry, you can export a dxf or save a 'sketch block’to use for the engraving ‘cut’ in your part.

You won’t likely be able to achieve an “exact” duplicate of your company logo this way, but you can get very close.

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