How to speak English

Nidhi mam I understand English but i can’t spoke please give me suggestions . How to speak English fluently in daily life.
I can’t make correct sentences & apply for speaking


Great that you understand English :ok_hand:, but do not forget to utilize in your day today life.
Read tutorial and same knowledge use in your life while talking with your family members.

If your English is wrong do not worry, keep practice how you can speak without hesitation.

Stop speaking your native or local language few days/weeks or months if possible.

Create few friends (your local or virtual from learnVern ) who are interested like you to learn English and mostly to utilize it. You can Whatsapp/ Chat / Call your friends in English and over phone use the English knowledge what you have learned.
Ask your friend if you doing any mistake or inform your friend if he is doing any wrong.

By interacting in such way you can get fluency with correct English.
Enjoy it :+1:


We can talk to each other so we can improve our English


Don’t worry friend we can talk to each other and correct our sentences that we can speak English fluent

Hello friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

friends give some idea how can i improve my english and talk to everyone in english

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sem problem, i understand english but i can not spoke english

hey vishwakarmavicky you should watch video of vocabulary and read somthing that you like

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