Image Show Problem

I have tried all the possible codes(which you told in your videos) then also the image is not showing only the box shows but not image. Here’s the code which I tried:

and i also wrote the correct path to my image


I have also ecountered the same problem. But late found a solution to it. One thing you can try is that open that image in any web browser like chrome or Microsoft Edge
and then copy the image address from the address bar on the top. Then paste it in the source attribute of the IMG tag by enclosing it in double inverted commas. Eventually your problem may be solved.

You Can write it Like This

<img src="Name of the drive(E:)\Name of the folder in which the image is \Name of the picture with .jpg,.png,.jpeg,etc>></p>. <p>You should write the correct name and format of the image or picture.</p>

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aap shi path nhi daal rahe ho
you are not putting right path send me code

Sir mere mai html code ko sublime text se save karte hai lakin woh Google mai show nhi ho rha hai please help me bhut khoshish ke baad bhi

share your code and error, inspect in browser if you getting any error in CONSOLE :point_down:

Do not use absolute path,

<img src="E:\project\images\rose.jpg"/>

use Relative path

<img src="./images/rose.jpg"/>

sir mera browser desktop main copy huwa hai
mai html main img browser load kar raha hu to
not run site