java basic question

Mixed Input

You are given three inputs, first an integer number, second a float number, and third a character. You have to print all the inputs in a single line separated by a dollar sign($).

Note:- Output order must be the same as the input order. Note:- In float number, only two digits you have to print after the decimal.

Input:- 1 2.1 a
Output:- 1$2.10$a 

Input Format

The first line contains three input NN, MM and chch where NN is an integer number, MM is a float number and chch is a character.

Output Format

You have to print the all inputs separated by a dollar sign($).


0<=N,M<=1000 <= N,M <= 100 a<=ch<=za <= ch <= z

Time Limit

1 second


Sample Input

4 2.01 a

Sample Output