Practice spoken English

Me english ki practise kese karu. bina kisi people ke

Hello @spmp789

You need to do some task by own like :

:one: Use social media as skills developer :
if you don’t have any person in physical contact ( i mean face to face conversation ) then don’t worry you can use various social media ( for example telegram , whatsapp or discord ) to get connected with digital guys and, you can practice your English skills with them by chatting with them in english.

:two: Read and write english at home :
Reading newspaper or any online articles will make your english more better and also make list of daily task like 1) daily learn 50 words , 2) Read 2 newspaper daily 3) Do some online task in english 4) Try to talk in english or think in english ( like if you are thinking about something in your native language but now try to convert it in english and check it out what’s happens.)

:three: Use dictionary and Translator :
For making better source of useful words i recommending you to get some good Dictionary ( Like Oxford University or any ) and read it day by day. Also while you’re not getting what’s the meaning of mentioned things just use any translation app in mobile ( For example : Google Translate ).

And you can do many more things but just go with basics and then step-up your efforts day by day.

Thank you and best regards :blush:.


Whatsapp group is needed for practice


Hlo mujhe basics se start Krna hai bolne ka

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Group for spoken english. …