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I did not understand how to share workbook with others in Ms Excel?
And with whom can we share the workbook?

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In order to share a file with anyone first, you have to set up your Microsoft outlook account (Sign in option at the top right corner on your screen) and link it with your sheet then after you can go through FILE->SHARE, there you can share a copy of your file or you can invite other people for the same workbook.

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You can share the workbook by going to

    If you choose the first option from above, then you will be able to share your workbook through onedrive.
    if you choose the second option, you will be able to share your workbook through e-mail as an attachment, e-mail link, pdf, xps, or fax. You can share your workbook to anyone by providing their email-id when you email or share on onedrive.

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I have data of companies having categories in excel sheet but how can automate formatting category-wise details of companies in a new sheet
if I enter any data in 1st sheet then automatic data was shown in 2nd sheet

here is the sheet of data 1st sheet is master sheet and 2nd will require category-wise details automatic