Purge command in detail

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Could you please explain Purge command in detail ? if possible with video containing one example in Hindi language.

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For Optimizing drawing files in AutoCAD we can use Purge, Audit & Recover.

You can check out this link for a detailed explanation on Purge command.

so if you want to remove unused named objects from the drawing:

  1. Type PURGE at the command line.
  2. Enable all checkboxes checked on.
  3. click Purge All

or if you want to Purge Registered Applications (from the command line):

  1. Type -PURGE.
  2. “R” for Regapps (registered applications), then Enter.
  3. “*” , then press Enter (the asterisk equates to All).
  4. “N” when asked to verify each name to be purged, then Enter.

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