Question tags & auxiliary verb

I am confused in Question tags and auxiliary verbs questions.

Please mam reply to my question

Mam how to practice the question tags topics.

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How to Construct Question tags?

Use of negative questions:

If the main part of the sentence is positive, we would use a negative question tag for example

He’s a biker, isn’t he?

Use of negative questions:
if the main part of the sentence is negative, we can use a positive question tag.

You haven’t met him, have you?
She isn’t coming, is she?

Question Tags with Auxiliary Verbs

When using question tags in sentences with auxiliary verbs (‘have,’ ‘be’ etc…) we have to use the same verb as the main part of the sentence.

 They’ve gone away for a few days, haven’t they?
 They weren’t here, were they?
 This isn’t working, is it?

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