The output shows error

Your program showing fatel error, means you haven’t save your program or your compiler have some problem…

and one thing main should not be initialized by void data type it show error(program will executed with some :warning:warming) in vs code, it should be int data type.

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Thanks to reply. But it shows error because of i will save the file as name “printf() and scanf()”.

I written a program and run the program. The output not show . It says this not exits.what i do and show the fetal error

Don’t put space between file names, clear the space or use “_” as space. It will definitely work.

I have written the program correctly but the output is not coming.what i do

Last 2-3 programs same problems here.

it’s not “%1f” ,it is “%lf”.

Hogya bhai run thnku

Bhai isme bhi bta de kha problem aarhi h yeh program run nhi ho rha

Tune run kaha kiya h

Bhejta hu aapke pass

This shows output error…

#define PI 3.14

int main()
    printf("PI    :%f\n",PI);
    printf("File  :%s\n",__FILE__);
    printf("Date  :%s\n",__DATE__);
    printf("Time  :%s\n",__TIME__);
    printf("Line  :%d\n",__LINE__);

    return 0;


Fix you code and run again (double underscores with FILE | DATE | TIME | LINE)

I will try tomorrow…