Updates on website

I have just done a course on LearnVern with NSDC certificate. No doubt, it’s a very helpful for us. But my opinion is that you should have to improve on your website and mobile application also.
The small things to update on like…

  1. Add video quality options in Mob application.
  2. Details of courses (Total Sections, Total Time Duration).
  3. Details of faculties(Who will teach us).
  4. Availability of Notes & Book preferences. etc…

Dear learner,

Welcome to Learnvern! We are happy to serve you.

We hope our following reply serves your query well.

  1. We have provided the Quality option in our latest application update.
  2. Details of the courses are available (Time Duration of course, No. Of videos, No of Assignments details)
  3. Details of faculty are available in the first introduction video.
  4. Downloadable contents are available in the view resource tab as shown in the image at the end of the video if it is applicable.

Keep learning.

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