Whatsapp group conversation

wrong number ha 11 digit

I didn’t give you my number so how can it be wrong :thinking:

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> Ok guys, i am a also a learner. if you all are don"t mind so i"m create a whatsapp group and send the link in this chat. all right.


reply me if you all are aggread then i make the group.


Try to make simple sentences first like, I can go there. You can do it. I will do it. Practice more and more. And you want to improve your pronunciation skill then you have to read books and watch english movie or listen english podcast or english song.

why not? I f you want to practice with convesate someone then i will help you

Do you want to join whatsapp group for practice then i will help you. If you want to join then reply me.

How to join the WhatsApp group for practice?

I also want to join your whatsapp group for practice.

Yes I want to join the WhatsApp group


YES i want to join the whats app group

Hello, can i join this whatsapp group for English practice. I am new learner on learn vearn.

Guys join this WhatsApp group quickly and share the link of WhatsApp group to your friends who wants to practice his English. okay

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I will join Whatsapp group

Create a group for best

Is there any what’s up group for the improvement of English

Good evening mam create a whatsapp for good conversation

Only bengali language

Hi everyone, my name is Vishesh tiwari .I am created a group for talking in English plzz join this group :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Where is whatsapp link :question: