Write C program?

Write a program in C to take details of 3 students as input and display the result by passing the structure to a function ?

#include <stdio.h>
struct student {
    char name[50];
    int roll;
    float marks;
} s;

int main() {
    printf("Enter information:\n");
    printf("Enter name: ");
    fgets(s.name, sizeof(s.name), stdin);

    printf("Enter roll number: ");
    scanf("%d", &s.roll);
    printf("Enter marks: ");
    scanf("%f", &s.marks);

    printf("Displaying Information:\n");
    printf("Name: ");
    printf("%s", s.name);
    printf("Roll number: %d\n", s.roll);
    printf("Marks: %.1f\n", s.marks);

    return 0;
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what is fgets function ?
there is no body part?
is it inbuilt?

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